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Job Opening Information Full-time Hourly Bus Driver

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Full-time Hourly Bus Driver
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School Related Personnel
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Job Description

This is a Full-time, probationary  10 month driver position.

  1. To provide safe and efficient transportation on assigned bus routes and extra trips.
  2. To be responsible for a variety of pre-trip/post-trip maintenance activities for assigned bus.
  3. To complete all related paper work as required.
  4. Drive school bus on assigned runs.
  5. Keep on assigned schedule. Report cause of failure to keep to assigned schedule to Transportation Supervisor.
  6. Have bus on line 10 minutes prior to scheduled run or field trip.
  7. Complete a pre-trip/post-trip inspection daily:
    1. Check all lights, markers, tires, wheels, mirrors, flashers, gauges, emergency equipment, emergency doors, horn, wipers, defrosters, windows.
    2. Keep windshield, dash, mirrors, rear windows clean.
    3. Clean ice from steps in winter.
  8. Keep interior and exterior of assigned bus clean and neat at all times:
    1. Bus must be washed on a scheduled basis or more often if condition warrants.
    2. Buses used on field trips and ball games will be swept out on return.
  9. Obey all traffic signs and laws.
  10. Observe all mandatory safety regulations for school buses.
  11. Maintain discipline when students are on the bus:
    1. Report discipline problems to supervisor.
    2. Complete appropriate discipline reports.
  12. Report any unfamiliar noise, odor, steam, etc. to head mechanic. Notify mechanic in writing on daily trip sheet of any maintenance problems or necessary repairs.
  13. Keep bus fueled. Do not fuel up while students are on board or with motor running
  14. All arrangements for extra driving to be made by supervisor.
  15. Drivers shall not smoke, eat or drink any liquid or be under the influence of any medication or drugs while transporting pupils.
  16. Drivers shall report to their immediate supervisor the use of any drug, medication or prescription that may impair their driving ability or safety of the students.
  17. Complete all necessary paper work related to the job:
    1. Fill out daily trip sheets completely.
    2. Record all fuel and oil accurately.
    3. Keep route maps updated and routes written up.
  18. Be familiar with emergency procedures;
    1. Use of flares and other emergency equipment.
    2. How to call for help, calm passengers, etc.
    3. Know first-aid procedures.
  19. Follow District procedures on bus idling.
  20. Carries out any other assigned duties and/or responsibilities, which may be deemed appropriate by the Superintendent of Schools and the Board of Education
Civil Service Title
Bus Driver
Job Qualifications

Required certifications: CDL B, PS endorsements

Qualifications: Must have completed the Basic Course of Instruction for Bus Drivers. Must be able to pass a physical performance test and all required testing per 19a requirements.

Application Procedure

Please apply via our website by 8.15.22

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